English Pronunciation - Benefits

What is Pronunciation ?
People who learn a new language as teenagers or adults often transfer the sounds and patterns of their native language into the new one without recognizing it.

This can mean the difference between being understood and being rejected.

Pronunciation training helps them to hear, feel, and produce the sounds and patterns of the new language as it meant to be.

What is wrong with having an accent ?
In this globalized world, English language has become very important in our day to day lives.

Lack of successful communication in English can prevent one from jobs, promotions, higher education, and even friendships.

Improving your pronunciation and accent gives you more confidence, eliminates misunderstandings, and helps you to communicate more effectively with customers, clients, co-workers, your child's teacher, and even the grocery store clerk!

English Pronunciation - Benefits

Who Should Take Pronunciation Training?
Do you speak English as a second language? Do you often have to repeat yourself in order to be understood? ? Are you shy or embarrassed when you speak English, especially in front of others? Do your accent and communication limitations hold you back or prevent you from well-deserved promotion or recognition that you deserve? Do you feel that your accent limits your personal and professional life? Does your pronunciation of English make you appear less competent than you really are? When you speak, do others listen to how you say it than what you say ?
If you answered YES to any of the above questions, You will certainly benefit from EZPronunciation.

How the EZPronunciation can help ?
Learning all of the sounds of English is like learning the individual notes on a piano, learning the intonation, rhythm and timing is like learning how to create a beautiful composition.  You need both.

EZ Pronunciation, introduces you to the world of IPA’s. Where you will learn each sound and its associated symbol in improving your speaking.

Success in Global society depends greatly upon one's ability to communicate clearly and effectively

The Benefits of an Pronunciation Improvement tool for Individuals

Create advancement opportunities Earn a higher salary Increased Self Esteem Gain Confidence in yourself Enhanced communication with peers, thus increased productivity Enhanced communication with customers or clients, thus increased sales Enhanced communication with superiors, thus increased potential for career advancement and earnings Better understanding of the nuances of the English language
Let your speech communicate your intended message.  If your foreign or regional accent is interfering with how you express yourself, you can benefit from EZPronunciation

An Interactive and user friendly software program designed to teach You  English Pronunciation. About 50 sounds with IPA notation and hundreds of practice words, sentences and comparatives. The learning sessions are organized into Learn, Practice and Test for a natural progression.
  • 50 sounds with IPA notation.
  • 12 vowel sounds.
  • 24 Consonant sounds.
  • 6 Diphthong sounds.
  • 5 r-vowel sounds.
  • Flash animation for each symbol, showing details of tongue, lips and jaw movements.
  • video of native english speaker's voicing the sound, for each symbol.
  • Articulation images in front, profile and side view with mouse over details.
  • Details on the symbol/sound classification.
  • 2500+ words with audio of the native speaker.
  • 500+ sentences with audio of the native speaker.
  • 1000+ comparatives with audio of the native speaker.
  • 500+ questions with IPA transcriptions to test your progress.

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